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A free and simple commit feed for your Beanstalk repositories.

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What's cool about it?

BeanCommits is free, simple & clean. BeanCommits is responsive, so you can keep up to date with your projects commits on the go. BeanCommits is also customisable, It's as simple as writing some CSS or JS and including it in your config. Restrictable to one repository, iOS Web App compataible. And Even More.


Let's call it 4 easy steps. Download the zip from Github, FTP to your host and extract in a folder of your choice. Rename config.php.default to config.php and enter your Beanstalk account details. While you're at it, enter a header title and you're done! Even More Information.


Want to design your own theme for BeanCommits to match your style? Want to write some cool Javascript? Easy! Just stick the files in application/css & application/js and include them in the configuration file. Read More.